Keep Your Brain Busy in Quarantine

If you’re prone to boredness, then shelter-in-place orders may seem like they’re doing more harm than good. But they’re not - stay home and nourish your brain with these 8 things to keep you busy in quarantine. 
Megan Lear

If you’re prone to boredness, then shelter-in-place orders may seem like they’re doing more harm than good. But they’re not - stay home and nourish your brain with these 8 things to keep you busy in quarantine. 

Grow a Garden
While you may not be able to grow your own food supply in the duration of this quarantine, it may do you well to start curating a garden to keep your hands busy. Soak up vitamin D from the comfort and safety of your back yard or front porch, paint a few ceramic pots, and harvest seeds from fruits or vegetables you may already have in your fridge. You can even start growing plants from scraps of potatoes, garlic, and pineapples. And after these shelter-in-place demands have ended, you won’t have to venture to the grocery store for produce.

Take a Masterclass
If you’re out of school or work for the foreseeable future, keep your brain active by taking an online masterclass. For $15 a month, you can take curated, engaging lessons from favorites like Gordon Ramsay, Carlos Santana, and Martin Scorsese to learn about culinary arts, music, and film production respectively. Each course consists of 12+ video lessons and workbooks gauged for all levels of learners. 

Finish Creative Projects on the Back Burner
Are you haunted by a creative endeavor you started months ago yet never had the time to work on? Congratulations! Inbetween online classes and working from home, you have ample time to sit down and grind through your unfinished novel, EP, or craft project. If you’re like me, it may be challenging to use your home as a creative space. Set aside an area dedicated solely as a creative workspace - free of distractions like television, impromptu snacking, and naptime temptations.   

Stay Posted for 30-Day Gamer Giveaway
You have cabin fever and so does Bear. That’s why he’s hosting a 30-day giveaway featuring one of his favorite boards, The Gamer! Each day in April, Bear will be giving away one Gamer to one lucky winner who participates in that day’s interactive challenge on Instagram. No purchase necessary, just be sure to follow @bearwalkerofficial to stay in the loop. 

Live Cam a Zoo
You may have a dog or cat at home, but has anyone checked on the pandas lately? Take a virtual trip to your favorite zoo and live cam exotic animals from the comfort of your bed. If you’re not much of a zoo-goer, go on a virtual tour of any one of these fine art museums instead. We won’t lie and say these online trips are as good as the real thing, but studies show popping in on cute animals can lead to an increase in serotonin levels. 

Binge a New Series
Personally, I’ve watched The Office a good 7 times over and it never gets old. If you’re in the same boat, it might be time to explore what else Netflix has to offer - a lot. Switch it up and create your own movie playlist for the day. Or, use this randomizer to select a show or movie to start within whatever genre you’re feeling. Don’t forget to check out our last post to see what Bear is watching during this pandemic. 

Zooniverse is a cool site that links researchers to people of all backgrounds through interactive surveys from classifying animals in the wild to discovering new exoplanets using space telescopes. It’s free, it’s engaging, and it eats away a lot of time when you find a survey you really enjoy (which doesn’t take long - I’ve been saving these burrowing owls for three days now.)

Host a Virtual Gamenight 
Take advantage of your home’s WiFi, gather some friends on Google Hangouts, and play your own version of Jeopardy on a shared screen. Or, check out Jackbox Games for a plethora of entertaining games you can link straight to your players. Jackbox has a selection of free games to choose from. Or, pass the time with truth-or-dare, drawing, or other trivia shenanigans with a discounted Jackbox Party Pack. Everything on the site is on sale for as low as $5. Prepare some game night snacks and reignite your friends’ competitive spirits.

Megan Lear

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