THE DIRE is a one of a kind cruiser with a bite. Literally, there are a shit ton of sharp edges on this thing. It's bad ass with a lot of grip, so it will ride smooth as well as make a statement. It's handcrafted with great care and features custom airbrushing, so no two will ever be the same. Available for a limited time.

All boards are made with the highest quality maple 9-ply. My ply never has fillers or lesser quality woods, which allows it a slight flex without negating strength. It’s finished with an oil-based stain to seal the wood, and five layers of clearcoat making it extremely durable and weatherproof. My boards are built to last.

30” x 9” x 0.5”

Standard 8.5” black Caliber trucks w/ 65mm HYBERIUM Bloodline wheels

Please allow a 2 week turnaround on the arrival of your board.

Made in the USA