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The Kings Guard

The perfect tool for any apocalypse. 

The Kings Guard is designed to be super functional with carved out grooves for grip, the highest quality maple ply, and premium trucks and wheels for smooth cruising.

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This product is available

What to expect 
from Bear Walker

These are the features of a Bear Walker board.

  • Each board is cut and painted to order, so no two boards are the same.

  • Your board is hand sanded and painted, so we are very meticulous about the details.

  • We keep going until your board is perfect. Sometimes that means we have to start over, so please be patient.

  • Please share your photos with us and tag us on social media. Bear Walker boards are all over the world, and we want to share your board with everyone. 

Board Specs

  • Made from our custom 9-ply maple wood.

  • 32" length

  • If you add trucks and wheels: Assembled with 65mm Hyberium wheels, Mini Logo bearings, 8.5" Gullwing trucks, and a 3/8" riser pad. No wheel bite, just good times.

  • If you add Shred Lights: Assembled with Shred Lights headlights and tail lights. 


Since each board is hand made to order, each board takes between 6-8 weeks to arrive after you place your order.

  • Cutout board from wood.

  • Sand and smooth all of the details.

  • Paint and re-sand down to reveal the design details.

  • Add clear coat layers for protection.

  • Assemble, package and ship.

A board like no other

Why people demand a Bear Walker board

We get it. You have a lot of options and our boards aren't cheap. Here's why people around the world prefer us to make their boards.

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  • Made-to-Order
  • Hand Painted
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  • $400
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How your board is made.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see how the magic happens.

A ride as smooth as it is unique.

Bear Walker is constantly finding innovative ways to make his boards the best on the market while remaining affordable to the masses. A Bear Walker skateboard is a high-quality custom-designed board that surpasses all expectations, from design to functionality.

The Kings Guard

Regular price $ 215.00
High-End Components

We use premium Hyberium wheels and trucks.

Custom Milled Grip

Our milled grip is superior to standard grip tape.

A board that stands up and out.

All boards are made with the highest quality maple 9-ply wood without fillers. This maple allows the board to flex slightly but still remain strong for the smoothest ride possible. Oil-based stain and five layers of clear-coat ensures its durability in any weather.

Life is better with a Bear Walker board.

A Bear Walker board is more than a skateboard, it’s a statement of fearless individuality. A Bear Walker board is designed and created just for you, and its uniqueness and quality is evident in every ride.

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Answers to all your questions, except that one.

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The Kings Guard

Regular price $ 215.00

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