Upcoming Releases

Check out some of the boards we are planning to release in the future.

  • Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for our next release.


Past Releases

These are some limited editions that we have released.

  • imgMini G

    The last piece of the 2088 collection: A vintage style cruiser inspired by classic design...

    From $ 185.00

  • img2088 FLUX

    The second LIMITED EDITION collaborative board w/ Grant Gustin, inspired by pop-culture. Only 250 will...

    From $ 284.00

  • img2088 FLUX: OG

    The second LIMITED EDITION Variant collaborative board w/ Grant Gustin, inspired by the Hover Board....

    From $ 323.00

  • img2088 Odyssey

    The Odyssey is the next limited edition in our pop culture inspired 2088 line. 5...

    From $ 274.00

  • imgElemental

    Extremely limited run of 25 each, numbered and signed. Available as the Elemental: FIRE, Elemental: WATER,...

    From $ 210.00